The first tip I will talk about is to personalise your email without using the recipient’s name. No more of this “Dear Insert Name Here". The practice of personalised email greetings is nowhere near as effective as you may think. A significant element of email marketing is a relationship. Does your recipient trust you? Do they even know who you are? When an email jumps the gun by forcing familiarity too soon, the personalisation comes across as unpleasant. Intimacy is earnt in real life and it clearly applies to emails too. Faking familiarity with the subscriber turns many wary email readers off.

But this does not mean that personalisation is completely off limit. In fact, one particular form of personalisation can pay off, this is sending an email that acknowledges a subscriber's individual purchase history or demographic. This will attract them a whole lot more than an email with their name on it this is simply because it will appeal to their specific interests. For example, if your demographic is interested in playing football, send them an email with an offer on certain football gear.

My next tip for you is to make sure your subject line is a good length. When it comes to how to craft that perfect subject line, there appears to be really only one area to avoid, that is the subject line of 60 to 70 characters. Marketers refer to this as the “dead zone” of subject length. However, subject lines 70 characters and up have tested to be most beneficial to engage readers in clicking through to the content, and subject lines 49 characters and below tested well with open rate. So the main question for you is do you want to boost clicks or opens? Go long for clickthroughs; keep it short for opens.

The final tip I will take you through is to post out between 8pm and midnight. This is the prime time to send your emails. While many quality emails may be built during business hours, the ones with the best open rates aren’t being sent from 9 till 5, the ones with the best open rates are sent at night. Research has shown that the time of day that received the best open rate was 8pm to midnight. And this wasn’t just the case for open rates as clickthroughs and sales also performed better between these times.

This may be due to the fact that not as many emails are sent later on in the night as opposed to throughout business hours. Inbox crowding and deployment times of other marketers go hand in hand; if your email goes out when few others do, it stands a far greater chance of getting noticed. Optimal mailing for your customers’ needs will be up to you, the best way to find out when he/she opens emails is to test, test and test some more.

I hope you found this post useful and it helps you the next time you are advertising to your consumers via email marketing.

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