Many businesses today have been hoping aboard the advertising wagon and using emails as a tool for advertising their products and businesses.

Email marketing is where a company/business sends a commercial message to a group of people by use of electronic email. The emails are obtained mostly through customer emails gathered from sales and through advertisements. The emails are gathered into a database and used as recipients when sending out the marketing emails.

The overall cost of marketing via emails is low compared to other mainstream digital marketing methods. Due to this form of marketing being completely digital, there are no printing or postage fees!

If you have a large list of emails, you might want to consider investing in specialist software or service to automate, track and then evaluate every email you send out. You can use services such as MailChimp or Moosend. These online services will allow you to create a campaign, where you can schedule when you want each of your emails to be sent out. Simply create an email from the templates the service provides you with, then follow each services instructions for adding the recipients before sending. You may be charged more if your list of emails is more than around a thousand strong, but these costs are far lower than what you would expect to pay using other marketing channels.

Within the content of the emails, you can add links to your website and social media sites so your clients/customers can read more about your business. You could even advertise a sale your company is having on certain products through email marketing. You could give your existing customers special offers and sales to keep them coming back to buy something from your business.

Your customers may even share your email to their friends and family, therefore increasing your clientele and possibly product sales.

One of the main benefits of marketing through emails is that they are easy to track and analyse. Most software and services will show you how well your emails are doing via data such as; click-through rate, how many people actually opened the email, how many reported it as spam, how many people have unsubscribed etc.

Email marketing also increases your brand awareness as each time you send out a new email, your customers are learning more about what your business does.

In conclusion, marketing via the use of emails is an easily affordable and effective method of digital marketing.

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