One example of how times have changed would be email marketing...

Before emails were first created back in 1972, direct mail was used as a method of marketing for most businesses. But which of these two methods, is better at gaining the most customer feedback and engagement?

Around 13.8 billion letters are sent each year with a staggering 74 trillion emails being sent each year. But even though fewer letters are sent than emails, the average life span of a letter is much higher than that of an email. With emails only lasting around 2 seconds vs that of a printed letter that lasts on average about 17 days!

So which is more memorable to the person reading them? Well, on average people can recall the brand they saw on an online ad such as emails only 44% compared with the 75% from direct mail. Research by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) found that around 79% of people act on direct mail immediately compared with that of emails with only 45%. They also found that direct mail can generate more of a response rate than emails with direct mail at 4.4% and emails at 0.12%!

Direct mail has a downside as with most things in this world, nothing is perfect. Cost. Sending out direct mail in large volumes can be costly, whereas sending out the same number of emails will cost you considerably less – just pay the email marketing service a subscription fee and nothing more.

Emails tend to do best when customers are looking for quick advice regarding a product or service. And direct mail tends to fair better when it comes to welcome packs, bills and brochures/leaflets.

Direct mail might seem to be at a slight advantage, but overall if you use both emails and the more traditional method of direct mail, the amount of reach you can cover is huge! Targeting the younger generations with the use of informal emails and targeting the slightly older generations with formal/informal letters, will really help get your business off of the ground.

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