To use Photoshop, you do not need to be a graphic design mastermind. Even the smallest amount of knowledge can help you turn your stock images into a clean cut, professional, shareworthy content. If you are not familiar with the Adobe Suite, they are thousands upon thousands of beginner's tutorials on the web, so your social content will be a guaranteed improvement.

Without Photoshop you will probably be posting images taken from your camera or phone to your social media page. Using Photoshop you can make your images more appealing and in this day and age, the more appealing the image, the more engagement the post will get. There are many videos on the internet to help you with making your adverts and helping them stand out.

Graphic Design is a HUGE part of any modern business with an online presence, with great and astatically pleasing graphics can come with an even greater cost. Paying for a one time advanced Photoshop course and having a commitment to learning new things can cut your business costs by hundreds if not thousands of pounds over the course of time.

Whilst posting images to social media it is very important that they look professional, it is very important and can be the difference between having a sale or having no sale. Despite what many businesses' think there is a lot more to it than clicking the shutter on your camera or smartphone. There are many different ways to edit your photos to make them look more professional, adjusting the lighting is the most common but again there are many courses to help with your decision making!

When sending contracts and other forms it can be quite a boring read if it's black text on a white background. Adding a logo in the top right corner and scattering graphics across the document will add much more interest and flair to your document. Although these are small adjustments they can make a massive difference to your overall brand appeal.

So, now you have read my 5 reasons why Photoshop will improve your business, will you be downloading Photoshop? Have you already got Photoshop and are feeling a benefit? Be sure to let me know!

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