Visual content in digital marketing now is dominated by the potential of user generated content especially on social platforms Instagram & Pinterest, which have the specific tools for visual content sharing. There are real benefits to these platforms supporting user-generated content as it effectively becomes your customers driving your digital marketing for you as they gain you traffic from users from around the globe. Your brand will broaden its reach, broaden its visibility domestically and worldwide. With the evolving society of selfie-happy generations when they purchase a brand's product it will be shared out into the pool of sharing platforms & this, therefore, will create engagement with a never-ending reach of potential customers through the visual web.

Furthermore, this will improve calls to action by the user who will potentially be the customer as now users tend to purchase a product that has either been showcased effectively with their selfie from someone they know or through user generated content within a specific category they are searching for or it has come up in their search history. This is all because the brand’s product has been marketed by another customer with lots of likes, and plenty of shares this will, therefore, draw the attention straight away to the user and they will most likely click the link to the brand's website or follow through & purchase the product. This will increase your click-through rate to your website and social platforms, therefore, having a domino effect on how more products the brand makes will be generated through user content, therefore, a constant rise of visibility and sales.
all because of smartphone cameras and therefore many businesses are desperate to take full advantage of, and now because of this awareness of the power of user-generated content brands can use this as a fresh, engaging, sustainable, cost effective solution to their digital marketing plans.

User Generated Content

Tumblr was the first social media platform to expose the visual sharing content with editing effects, likes and sharing comments with a large audience of users within unlimited locations worldwide. This was then followed by a similar principal although of a much more personal & specific tool which allows users to ‘pin' & ‘re-pin' images of interest which therefore creates a wish list or a favourite list in which case could be one of your brands products & they could come back later for purchase or they have pinned your products with the user generated content, therefore, increasing click-through rates prospects and driving more sales.

Embraced the power of user generated content with open arms as its more than just putting a few images in your social posts and blogs. Brands are now longing treating visuals as fancy afterthoughts the fact that users can effectively do the job of marketing your brand for you will appeal to businesses to produce a regular stream of high-quality visual content to be shared by users & therefore become the users showcase shared content.

The tools are there in the platforms for you and your business to expand the online visibility and generate more sales to keep you growing and growing. This new era of digital marketing is just as important as the standard medium of producing content through social posts, blogs and YouTube videos for example. Remember the visual worldwide web is constantly evolving as pieces of text are losing the spark, the spark is now with visual marketing within customer communication and is becoming more effective day by day.

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