Most people around the world will have heard of this word and recognise the company straight away. Google is the world's largest search engine created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998 back when they were PHD students at Stanford University. Google has revolutionised the way we use and perceive the internet as.

They first started their research in the year 1996 as a research project while they were both at University. They didn’t start out looking for a better way to search the web. Page found the world web to be interesting primarily for its mathematical characteristics. Each computer was like a node with each link on a web page being connected between nodes creating a rather graphic like form. The World Wide Web was possibly the largest graph ever known to anyone with it growing constantly with each coming year! Page then set out trying to learn as much as he could about the structure of the Web.

After much research, Page noticed that when looking at a Web page, you had no idea which pages were linking back to it. He wanted to solve this somehow as he thought it would be rather useful for people to know which pages were linking to each other. Larry was before long, attempting to reverse engineer Berners-Lee's World Wide Web which soon led to the creation of the Google we all know today.

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One of the key factors they both worked with was 'Citation' which is the practice of pointing to other people's work in order to build your own up!

Throughout Page's research which he called 'BackRub', he found that the Web was built up of roughly 10 million documents with a large scale of links between each document. He quickly realised that this project was becoming too big for him to handle on his own and the idea of the complexity and scale of the large task at hand is what brought Brin to join and help Page with his goal. Brin found the concept behind 'BackRub' fascinating and it intrigued him to join Page with him along the journey. Together, Page and Brin created a ranking system that rewarded links that came from sources that were important and penalised those that did not. This idea was then involved into the final markup of Google and still, plays an important role within the search engine today which is one of the reasons why it became so famous.

In the year 1997, the domain name google.com was obtained. Originally Google had the domain name as being google.stanford.edu. And by the end of the year of 1998 after its launch, Google already had over 60 million pages in its index.

In the early 2000's, Google began to sell keyword associated advertisements. These ads were text-based to help maintain an uncluttered page layout and to help maximise each pages loading speed. Keyword advertising was previously achieved by Goto.com with many of its rivals failing to get a grip of the new marketing tool, Google on the other hand, quietly rose to the top with this advertising method.

Since its launch, the company has been acquiring other smaller companies such as Android in 2005, YouTube in 2006 and JotSpot in 2006.

Google attempted to launch its first social networking service which was called Orkut (launched in 2004), but this did not catch on and the service retired in the year 2014.

2011 saw Google's launch of Google+. This was Google's 4th attempt into social networking as Google Buzz, which was launched in 2010 retired the following year and Google Friend Connect (launched in 2008) retired in 2012. Google+ is their only lasting social networking attempt over the years with it still currently being run at present.

By the year 2014, Google now owned more than 70 offices in more than 40 different countries!

Since the launch of Google, the company has grown exponentially! Google today and for many generations to come, remains the most popular and largest search engine on the web.

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