The power of branding is not to be taken lightly, your business objectives, long term & short term goals all depend on how well your brand statement is portrayed in the market.

There are many options to consider that all need to be tied into a brand statement and it's all about the consumer, and how you will provide a solution to their needs whether they are desperate for a certain product or service and if they just desire through the individuals' lifestyle. Make no mistake you must remember that brand statements are all focused on the consumer & there tastes in products & trends.

To apply a winning formula to your brand statement you must transform all your brand features into benefits for the consumer, to do this you must think from the consumer's perspective. Simply look at your product and ask the simple question of "how does this benefit me? Does it help my lifestyle? Does it fix a problem for me? "Just keep challenging yourself to create better benefits for the consumer & how it will Impact their lifestyle. Benefits that will keep growing strength to strength include saving you money, simplifying life, making you healthier, or simply for the experience.

The Crucial part of making the brand statement reflect the true purpose of the business is the emotional benefits for the consumer, does it make them feel a sense of freedom can be through excitement or interest. Does your brand's products or service make the consumer feel comfortable such as relaxing & safety? Another option can be if it inspires the consumer does it make them feel motivated to do something active or simply powering through essential work or domestic tasks.

When you create your brand statement, you need to think what type of content will be best for your brand's benefits to the consumer's lifestyle, for example, a running video to promote the comfort of Nike or Adidas trainers for the consumer. A brochure showcasing the benefits of Adobe Photoshop's design features which will intrigue the consumer. A piece of music content that connects with the consumer's thoughts & feelings in a specific moment in time, a quirky animation video that will make people laugh which will mean they will learn more from then animation than a long 10-minute informative video. So through the power of content, you create a stronger link with your target market & bring in new customers this is all because the content is inspired and sticks to the principles of the brand statement.

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