Mobile Marketing

Now mobiles are the surging energy that travels everywhere with you at high voltage and captures everything at a high velocity ready to be pumped back out there in the wild world of social media. Now mobile marketing has a mainstream audience of all ages with application stores (apps) being used to download apps of all types such as gaming apps, music apps, social media apps, weather apps, news apps and photography apps. Now all these apps are content, such as communication apps which are perfect to start marketing your business when you enter the realms of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. News apps will allow you to digest the important info regarding your industry, so you can post interesting updated content on your social media channels. Now with mobiles, you can take them anywhere which means you can capture images ready to be used for your branding online and video content that can engage your audience. Push through notifications are a crucial aspect of mobile marketing for example if the user is subscribed to an app and the app has new content then they will receive a pop-up notification on their phone regarding the latest update of the app they use. This will engage the user and improve the brand visibility not only on social media profiles and website but on an app too. This then leads to improved engagement and traffic to your business website. This should boost the conversion rating. Mobile marketing is the future and all marketing efforts will be focused on improving apps to the point where it runs alongside the website and even features more content than the website.

Social Media Marketing

This is where you can really target your audience. As a business, you can flex your social media marketing muscles by using social platforms effectively and efficiently. Twitter is fantastic for creating your own brand hashtag and creating video and tweet content that will boost the visibility of your products and services. Target the followers you want with regular content and engage with customers. Facebook is exactly the same technique however through the Facebook ads feature you can now boost the promotion of your social media content to achieve more reach if you wish. This feature also enables you to select the profile of individuals you want the content to reach such as managing directors or marketing executives.

Video Marketing

Video production is crucial to creating essential video marketing content that can be distributed on all marketing channels such as Television adverts, YouTube videos, Facebook videos, Twitter videos. Video marketing opens up a world of opportunity you can create tutorials, create product guides, time lapses, staff videos, trivia videos etc.


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